Glass has been used for architectural purposes for many decades. A simple, clean, and elegant way to open up a space or to accent a view point that would normally be hidden from sight.



As our industry advances in technology and efficiency standards, we are seeing many new ways to incorporate our heating products into living spaces. Where the idea of a "dated" wood or gas stove would be shunned. As consumers crave a more nostalgic atmosphere in their contemporary living spaces, they are driving the designers and architects toward the hearth industries products. These professionals expect us to have the solutions to their clients demands, we don't want to disappoint.

More and more of these professionals and home owners are incorporating high dollar floor systems and in smaller spaces. With a Clearlight Glass Hearth Padâ„¢ the home owner is allowed to see the investment they made in the flooring product, while benefiting from their modern hearth product to provide safe warmth through out their space.

Basically, the Clearlight Glass Hearth Padâ„¢ will provide a simple affordable solution to allow more hearth products to be considered in a living space, where the conventional hearth pad will not.