Clearlight Glass Hearth Pads™ will provide the necessary "Ember Protection" called for by the manufactures of the hearth products. Standard sizes are available and will meet most stove manufacturers specifications on size. However, ANY SIZE and ANY SHAPE can be made to order.

ClearLight Glass Hearth Pads are unique in that we offer these custom sizes in a reasonable time frame, with many options to add to the glass hearth pad to allow for a truly custom design.

Each Class Hearth Pad is crated and shipped with proven methods to ensure the hearth pad arrives intact and ready for installation. Installation is as simple as any other hearth pad. Care must be taken when handling glass, at all times. But, with a few simple steps, your installers will have a new favorite product!


Each Clearlight Glass Hearth Pad™ will come with an installation kit. Including four 2.25" round metal Equalizers™. These are to be used under any stove that have legs. The Equalizers™ are designed to distribute the weight of the stove to the surface of the glass at a safe rate.

Also included, are two 1/4" strips of Stove Glides™. These Stove Glides™ are designed to help the installers set the stove in place at the front of the Glass Heart Pad and then safely and easily glide the stove into place on the Glass Hearth Pad. Once the stove is in the desired position, one installer will simply lift up one side of the stove enough for the 2nd installer to remove the Stove Glide™ and place 2 of the Equalizers™ under each leg as it sets in place. Then repeat this process on the other side.